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Title: Sleeping too much?
Post by: always_dizzy on October 13, 2011, 07:39:00 AM
Hi All,

I went back to work on Monday and I am only doing 2 hours per day at the moment. As soon as I get in from work and have a meal, Im too tired to do anything so have been going to bed around 7pm. I fall asleep pretty much straightaway and sleep til 9am the following morning. I just feel like all Im doing is sleeping, but I still feel so tired.

I have tried just resting and relaxing instead but always fall asleep. Sometimes going to bed is the only way to stop my body constantly aching, so maybe Im just taking the easy option!

Has anyone else noticed a change in sleep pattern when returning to work or increasing activity? Going to work used to bring on insomnia, but since I've started meditating and learning to relax, all I do is rest!!


Laura x

Title: Re: Sleeping too much?
Post by: carrie on October 13, 2011, 11:21:46 AM
Laura, our favourite mr Knowles explains it to me that if we are asleep it is because we need to sleep and our bodies wont sleep more than they need. I have not returned to work or increased activities sadly but have been unwell and had a lot going on and if I allowed myself to I would be awake for a very small proportion of the day, or I would at least be flat out in my bed relaxing.

I know how frustrating it is believe me but we do most of our healing when we are asleep so as long as you can cope that way I see it as a positive thing, I often have terrible trouble sleeping and it makes me very unwell so I would say if possible, take advantage of the ability to sleep and allow your body to try and heal itself.

Title: Re: Sleeping too much?
Post by: PawPrints86 on October 14, 2011, 05:46:13 AM
good to know, my mom always wonders that about me too... i sleep into the afternoon with no alarm - so instead of early to bed its later to wake up. same thing i guess? *shrug*

Title: Re: Sleeping too much?
Post by: Emily_Pascoe1988 on June 04, 2017, 08:00:17 PM
sounds like hypothyroidism, try iodine