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Title: Emotions
Post by: roger on August 27, 2017, 07:32:04 AM
Please note - before reading this thread and any that might follow, it's important to read the introduction thread (,20118.0.html) because this will give you an indication as to whether or not this board might be of value to you.

The Field (energy) is the sole governing agency of the particle (matter) Ė Albert Einstein

I may well meander a bit on this thread, but if I do, please bear with me because I believe that what Iím talking about here, whilst not by any means being a quick fix, was the major key to my health turnaround.

Iím rubbish at remembering when things happened, and initially, Iíd have said this part of my story began about five years ago. But then I recalled that I bought the book that Iíll come to shortly not long after it was published in the UK. Iíve just checked, and that was in June 2007. So, this story actually began around ten years ago, and although I was way out on my timing, I can remember quite clearly what happened to set the ball rolling.

Iíd made some progress towards recovery, but looking back, that progress was quite limited. I wasnít bedbound, but walking a few yards made me feel really ill, and recovery from the slightest physical exertion often took weeks. I went out for lunch occasionally and I clearly remember standing in a short queue at a carvery one day, convinced that I was about to die. Iíd done everything that I could think of, but I couldnít get beyond this point. I was stuck where I didnít want to be. Looking back, I suspect that some degree of depression was involved, but whatever, I was in a very dark place.

At that time, I subscribed to several health websites, and I regularly received emails from them extolling the virtues of this, that or the other. One morning, I received one that recommended a book. For me, reading was very difficult back then, but not knowing why, I bought the book. It arrived a few days later and despite my difficulties, I read it very quickly. It seemed weird and farcical, talking of all sorts of things related to emotions that just seemed daft - new age crap, basically. Hugely disappointed, my mind closed to what the book was saying, I put it on a shelf, where it remained for five or six years.

During those five or six years, I read some of the work by Einstein and Bruce Lipton amongst others, getting to learn a bit about energy and how energy works, that everything is energy and nothing is solid, and that energies we canít see influence the shape of physical structures via a vortex with protons bouncing off creating the illusion of solidity. This is an area that seriously interests me but in which I have no deep knowledge, so any quantum physicists out there, please forgive me for errors of explanation.

Five or six years later, again not knowing why, I picked the book up again and started to reread it, and this time it resonated,  perhaps influenced by the reading Iíd been doing in the interim. The principles started to make sense to me and I began to put them into practice.

Then, slowly but surely, things started to happen. As I became more proficient Ė and it does take practice Ė improvements accelerated. I have no doubt whatsoever that, as I said at the beginning of this thread, this was THE major key in my health turnaround. It took me around a year before that turnaround became dramatic, but were it not for this book, Iím quite sure that Iíd still be where I was five or six years previously.

So why am I telling you all this? Well when I set out to write this thread, attempting to set out the principles and practices Iíd learned, I realised that the thread would be way too long, perhaps taking up ten or twelve pages of A4 typing. Then I thought, why not just suggest the book? So thatís what I decided to do.

Itís called The Emotion Code ( As youíll see from the link, it is a bit pricey at around £18.00, but there are other options Ė

* You can get it for free in PDF format. If that suits you, email me and Iíll tell you how.

* There are often good second hand copies available on Amazon for around a fiver.

* Itís available on Kindle for around a fiver.

* If you prefer talking books, you can get it for the price of a memory stick Ė if you want to know how, email me.

So, am I suggesting you buy this book? Well I can only say that it was of tremendous value to me. What I canít promise is that itíll be of the same value to you.

But If you have a truly open mind, if youíre not expecting that a quick read will solve all your problems, if youíre prepared to study rather than just read then practice to develop your skills, then I believe it has the potential to be of tremendous long term value to you. Otherwise, it probably wonít have that potential. As with anything in life, we must all reach our own conclusions and make our own decisions.

There are many alternative energy healing modalities, and Iíve looked at most of them and tried a few. I can honestly say that ĎThe Emotion Codeí is the one - the only one - that has seriously impressed and helped me.

Finally, if anyone is interested in the concept but prefers the practitioner approach, there are now several practitioners scattered around the country, and if there isnít one near you, I understand that some of them will consult via phone or Skype.

Please feel free to respond to this post for discussion and argument or with any questions.

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: neptuno on August 27, 2017, 12:20:25 PM
Thank you for this information Roger.
Previously, I have gained enormous benefit from acupuncture and related energy therapies, so my interest has been drawn to this approach.  On first reading it seems to be an amalgamation of several holistic and neurolinguistc therapies, simple and effective. Quantum physics collides with ancient healing ! Not complicated to learn so right up my street.  This will be a useful bit of kit in my recovery toolbox.

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: roger on August 27, 2017, 01:01:30 PM
'Quantum physics collides with ancient healing !' - I love that, basically because it's true  :smile

Thanks for posting, Nep. 

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: neptuno on August 27, 2017, 04:06:13 PM
I was discussing this with a family member...
"Oh, you mean for the brain ?"

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: roger on August 27, 2017, 04:13:13 PM

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: L_2233 on November 24, 2017, 11:55:08 AM
Hi roger,

Do you know where I can find a list of practionees for this ?

I read the book and would like to give it a go and I was wondering what magnet you used on yourself? I guess I wouldnít mind trying it on myself first


Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: roger on November 24, 2017, 01:03:06 PM
Hi L_2233,

I don't think there is a list as such, but if you Google 'emotion code practitioners UK', several pop up.

I use a magboy, but I think this has been superseded. Neptuno has one of the new ones. I'll ask her if she can add a link to this thread.

Just a point to be clear on - this isn't a quick fix. In fact it took me several months to start to feel real benefits, though I think neptuno did better than me! While you're waiting, it might be good idea to practice some of the muscle testing techniques because it does take some time to become competent.

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: neptuno on November 24, 2017, 02:03:54 PM
I have the Nikken MagDuo which I got off eBay. I was fortunate to have a couple of sessions with a qualified practitioner locally. She was excellent and it was a great springboard for using it myself

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: neptuno on November 24, 2017, 07:29:56 PM
Just to donít need a magnet to work on yourself, just using the palm of your hand in the same way will work just as well

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: Anne56 on June 20, 2018, 02:03:44 PM
Hi everyone and thanks for this post Roger,

i have taken a look at the book you recommend and it looks very interesting. I do believe that holding on to our emotions can hold us back in life and can affect our physical health. I am into Buddhism and find my Buddhist books so helpful in learning to face up to and accept the way we are feeling emotionally. I have read many self-help books over the years as well as having many hours of counselling but always end up going back to my Buddhism books. It's great that this book has been so helpful in your recovery. Thanks for all the posts about your recovery. I am still working my way through them! And thanks for all the support you give to everyone on the forum.


Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: roger on June 20, 2018, 02:28:56 PM
Hi Anne,

Thanks for the kind words, they're very much appreciated.

Re - the book, feedback I've had indicates that people either love it or think it's New Age nonsense, like I did initially. The author is a devout Christian so I suspect his beliefs won't match yours, but I don't think that matters. I have no religious affiliations but it helped me tremendously. So much so that I went on to do a comprehensive study course called 'the body code'. However, in my experience, all the numerous physical things that the course covers almost always end up being related to emotional issues. So for most purposes, the book will suffice.

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: roger on September 24, 2018, 02:17:25 PM
This thread is about a book that helped me tremendously. For anyone interested, the links below are 1) an interview with the author, Dr Bradley Nelson, that can be listened to online or downloaded. And 2) a link from where you can download FREE the book in PDF format, the book as an audio book and a series of charts related to the book Ė


I donít know how long these links will be live.

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: CeeDee on September 24, 2018, 09:57:19 PM
Thanks Roger.

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: roger on January 17, 2019, 05:00:37 PM - worthe reading, but feel free at this stage to ignore the exercise bit  :smile

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: Anne56 on January 22, 2019, 04:34:59 PM
Thanks Roger. That looks an interesting website. Recent research in the US has shown inflammation in the brain of people with ME. They are doing further research.  :c017:

Title: Re: Emotions
Post by: roger on January 22, 2019, 05:10:56 PM
Hi Anne,

Personally, I believe that all true CFSers have high levels of inflammation pretty much everywhere, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if it's found to be in the brain. That would of course go a long way to explaining the brain fog aspect.