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Author Topic: What Helped me when I had CFS  (Read 14980 times)
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« on: May 21, 2016, 12:31:16 PM »

So I had Chronic Fatugue Syndrome about a year ago for 5 months. So after countless blood test I was aventually diagnosed with Chronic Fatugue Syndrome mainly due to the fact that the doctor didn't know what could be causing my fatugue. So I was diagnosed me as a blanket diagnosis on my syntoms I was never aware of what exactly caused it.
So the tips I will mention will not be just aimed toward specific causes they will be aimed towards ways which I improved my own health.

1) Diet- so about 2 months in I saw a dietrition who caried out some tests on what food I may be intollerent to and that my body had been reacting badly to . The most important aspect of the test was that it showed a mediocare intollerence to Gluton and lactos. Small intollerences to Gluton can cause some of the syntoms of CFS. My body bad reaction to gluton was likely to be caused by Gastrointeritious a couple of months earlia, so its not always something your born with.
i) Look into seeing if you have any intollerence to certain foods. (dont just jump to conclusions, do try and get a test or work it out by trial and error)
ii) Eat more healthly. Cutting out all processed food, try to eat food which fresh and natural. This should allow you to cut out alot of excess sugar and have more lasting energy, less highs and lows.
Genrally what I ate over 3 months did have a cumalitive bererfical effect.

2) Mindset- so mindset is very important for recovering firstly as a positive mindset will aid in recovery and secondly due to a negative mindset which may leads to depression will make you feel worse and less energized.
Although this may not be the root cause of fatugue it is still very important. I personally felt very low due to the fact that I nearlly had to drop out of school and was bedbound for a matter of month.
i) Positive Mindset- Should be maintained through several ways
Firstly by trying to influence the subconscious mind through hypnosis. I found various types such as positivity and energy hypnosis. THe general idea is to place ideas in the subconscious mind which should influence the body and the conscious mind.
There are plenty of resourses on youtube.
Secondly there are various books on positive thinking that I found benerfical that taught various techniques on re-framing and changing perspecive. Some of Paul Mckenna's were benerfical and liked well to hypnosis aswell.
Thirdly although try to fill your time although you may find it hard to concentrate or even get out of bed. Do attempt to keep your time filled and your mind thinking about other thinks.

3)Cultivating Concentration and energy- So to increase my concentration and fight against Brain fog I tryed several techniques. Not all these techniques will work for you but I certainly recommend try them.
i) Meditation I found varioius types of meditation very benefical in terms of cultivating my concentration. Even if your struggling to satay awake at first keep at it.
ii) Yoga is a form of meditation in itself, it seemed to have a positive effect on mindset. It increases circulation and increase energy levels.
iii) Cold emergion So I had been recomended a technique as I was recovering which included cold emersion. In terms of cold emersion this meant cold showers and aventually cold baths. But you should definitly ease into it slowly. I did find that I did feel energized after doing this.
iv) Acupunture mat. Is a mat which you lie on which will have a stimulating effect and the same effect as regulare acupuncture. I will often use the matt even now when I feel a lack of energy.
 These first 3 certainly helped me firstly feel better and more energized, they did not nessisarilly tackle the root cause of my Fatugue bit they increasingly allowed me to have a healthier lifestyle which helped me to recover.
I will post more things which I tryed in another post, If you have any questions or want me to expand on any of these ideas. Please ask.
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« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2016, 09:04:10 AM »

Hi Tom,

Not much to disagree with there. Thanks for popping in and giving your time to try and help others. That's much appreciated.


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« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2016, 09:56:57 PM »

Hi Tom, thank you for coming in and speaking to us, I agree with all you have said but one thing I am struggling with is the massive misdiagnosis issues I come across, so many folk are getting labelled with cfs or fibromyalgia when I believe there may well be many other reasons for their  symptoms varying from chronic infections to depression, anxiety, stress, burn out, repressed emotions, simple exhaustion to a plethora of physical difficulties much too vast to speculate in one post.   I myself have been diagnosed with a few health troubles in the past three years that may well cause my fatigue and cfs symptoms or at least contribute towards them and this is why I feel that it needs a multi pronged approach, it  not be a single problem causing every symptom, and far as I see it, any improvement, in any area, is a good thing. I hope that you are able to visit  again soon thanks for your post.

Excuse my edits, I had a small stroke on Tuesday an not quite with it yet!
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