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Author Topic: Benefit information and support contact/links.  (Read 2897 times)
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« on: July 10, 2016, 01:41:41 AM »

Benefit information and support contact/links.

General overview of what benefits are available if you are sick or disabled. The page has links to the various benefits and includes all of the out of work benefits, blue badge, motability and rail card schemes.

It also has links to the benefits or allowances paid by local authorities such as housing benefit and council tax reductions. These vary by council so you will need to ensure you check with your local authority website for rates and any specific grants and allowances.

This page also includes benefits for those in low salary employment, VAT relief or the disabled, carers benefits, TV license discounts and other info.

Be cautious that this is the official benefits site and has the basic info on what is available, if you theoretically should qualify and how and where to apply, it does not offer support, it simply is a fact based information source.

Links to the specific benefits and topics available for carers and the disabled/sick.

Important note. Please be cautious of the suggested benefit checkers, I have personally wasted a lot of time with them recently after being given inaccurate information from this sites suggested checkers as they have not been updated to reflect recent changes which led to a failed claim for income support and much confusion, this is the problem, even the government cant keep info up to date as the changes are so vast.

Advice primarily for folk in England regarding all benefits available if you are disabled or unwell or if you care for someone who is. Good basic information but for more personal iformation you would need to phone them and try and arrange a call or appointment with a member of your local team.

Disability Rights fact sheet 13

Help and support on benefits, tax credits, grants, independent living, education and local authority help.

Very good base and generally very reliable. This site is free to use but they ask that you consider a small donation if you are in a position to do so.

They have full information on carers benefits, childrens benefits, disability benefits, disabled students benefits and allowances, lone parents benefits and help, pregnancy, retirement, looking for work, young persons benefits and much more besides.

Guide on available sickness benefits and benefit checkers are available, but again be cautious of their accuracy due to them not being fully updated regularly.

Contains information on, and links, including phone numbers for those wanting to apply for PIP.

Links and telephone numbers for all UK benefits.

Links to 'Advice Now' articles on health related benefits, this is a good basic resource and free for all.

National Union of Students advice and information on what benefits and grants are available if you are a full or part time student in further or higher education. This page contains both information and links and is free for everyone.

contains links to various agencies providing support and information to disabled people. This has free access for all.

Overview and links to what benefits are available if you are caring for a disabled child, this site seems to be free for all and a valuable resource for parents and carers od ill or disabled children.

This page tells you about what help or reductions are available, or should be available from your gas and electricity supplier if you are disabled/sick.

Please take a look specifically at their information on Social tariffs.

Free access benefits calculator as with the others be aware that they may not be fully up to date but they still give a good idea of what you may be able to claim.

This is a free access site specifically for carers of people who are sick or disabled and this page includes sections on money and benefits, carers assessments, getting a break, health and well-being, out and about, legal and rights and links to the carers forum. If you are a carer and are not already a member, I would strongly suggest signing up with, they have events held locally for meeting and socialising with other carers in your area. All is free for carers in the UK.

This is a comprehensive and reliable source of help for folk needing to claim any benefits and covers all disability/sickness benefits and in work and out of work benefits. Some information is free but much of it is by subscription which currently stands at 19.99 a year for personal membership. This is the only site that I am including where there is a definite charge for much of the information but I feel this is one of the best and most comprehensive sites available for both information and support that I have come across and feel that the fee is justified and worth while if you can afford it as it has been a great source of help to many including myself and Agapanthus over the years. It is kept bang up to date and they have regular news letters and information. Be careful though as it can be information heavy and a little overwhelming, attack it a single section at a time and if you need help please ask for help deciphering it on the forum.

Irelands government website for people with disabilities, it includes topics both the employed and unemployed regarding available benefits.

Great site that is trustworthy and free to use, there are links to information on all UK benefits. They also still have a helpline I think if people need further information or support.

A-Z of topics that 'Entitled To' cover on benefits and entitlements, some good and informative guides, free to access by all.

A great source of reliable information for those suffering from mental ill health and seeking financial help in the UK. This is free access for all.

Information on benefits, sanctions, back to work support and more for sufferers of mental illness. This is a fantastic resource for information and support for those with mental health difficulties. It is also free access for all.
Action for ME has some really useful free booklets for helping with ESA and PIP applications for those who cannot afford the Benefits and Work fees, and also as they are geared towards those with ME/CFS are especially useful.

There are a number of closed Facebook groups helping people with benefits applications, but I would not know enough about them to recommend any of them EXCEPT this one M.E. & Chronic Illness Benefits Advice Group. Some of the admins on there are very experienced and they have a buddy system to support people with filling in the forms.
Turn2us is a really useful site as it has a way of helping you to find charitable grants as well as other information on the benefits you may be entitled to.
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