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Author Topic: What worked for me  (Read 2304 times)
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« on: May 24, 2017, 09:58:58 PM »

I'm beyond thrilled to report that I've finally cured my chronic fatigue syndrome. First I made many changes to my diet and environment (I have linked below my two reports on the process that I followed). I then followed protocals in the 'Medical Medium' book (also linked as a pdf below).

1) In my reports you will find that for my digestion issues I took the pharmaceutical antibiotic Xifaxan. Though typically wary of alopathic medicine, this drug fixed the IBS I suffered from for decades (in addition it largely fixed the vomiting problem I also had as well). In portions of my reports you will find I made many dietary changes. Though Xifaxan overal cured my IBS, even now, if I eat the 'wrong' foods (glutten, greasy chinese food, corn, dairy etc), I will still vomit.

I would advise you try 'intermittent fasting for awhile, allowing your gut the maximum time necessary to repair every night. It is as simple as skipping dinner, or waiting until 11am before eating and drinking.

I had some success drinking organic lemon water in the morning. Having learned from the 'Medical Medium' book linked below, I instead took on the practice of juicing an entire bunch of lightly washed celery every morning before eating or drinking anything else. It replenishes the 6 kinds of hydrochloric acid allowing you to fully digest foods and avoid the effects of ammonia gases that would otherwise be present from undigested portions of foods.

It is important to rebuild your digestive biome by eating elevated micronutrients found on organic sprouts and kale (eaten lightly washed and raw).

2) This book is applicable and fantastic

Though I recommend reading the whole book, a synopsis (of the parts specific to chronic fatigue) is here

3) This is the first draft of my report 'Solutions for Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' (it was written before following the MedicalMedium protocol). It is attached to the email and linked here:

4) My report called 'Healing'

5) Finally I took the highly effective, yet very controversial MMS. When the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome first hit me 6 years ago I suffered a long while until I saw a naturopath who gave me MMS which made my condition go away the next day. Over a year later it resurfaced (I had only taken one dose, so didn't knock the problem out completely). Two years ago I ordered more MMS but (unknowingly) received and used the wrong product (mms2) and it didn't work. At that point I sought long term solutions for my condition outside of using MMS. When I brought up MMS at the Holtorf clinic, my doctor (a Harvard medical school graduate who had practiced at Kaiser for 20 years) was curious as to why I didn't use it again and said there were no issues in me taking it again.

Information on MMS (and to order) is here It's not a church, they claim that to avoid problems with the FDA. I am happy to explain how to use it.

There is a notion gaining ground the condition is caused by the Epstein Barr virus. In addition to eliminating bacteria, fungus and parasites, the MMS is effective against viruses as well. There are many detractors from the use of MMS, so I don't push it on other people, I just know it works from experience. Though it is a naturally occuring salt, it is similar to industrial solvents used, and though the solution we imbibe as medicine is diluted to 28%, people are concerned it is too radical.

I ordered the kit from the website (from a 'church approved' vendor for $27). I mixed 7 drops from one bottle with 7 drops of the other then waited 30 seconds and drank it. 3 hours later I repeated this process. The next day, I did this again, and my treatment was done. It's important on the 3rd day to start taking refrigerated probiotics.

6) In addition to all the information in this and the other note, the following supplements I found to be very helpful

This post is repeated here

I hope this helps. Thanks,
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« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2017, 07:57:58 AM »

Hi Julien1, and thank you for outlining your experiences. However, I do think that the following points re MMS need to be considered carefully –

1. Chronic fatigue CAN be caused by pathogen overload in the gut, but it’s certainly NOT the only cause.

2. MMS is a VERY powerful substance, and as well as killing pathogens, it will also kill your GOOD bacteria. Unless you KNOW that your issues are caused by gut pathogen overload, I wouldn’t consider using it.

3. A healthy gut microbiome is made up of hundreds of different types of ‘good’ bacteria, and I know of no probiotic supplement that will adequately replace a decimated system, regardless of the prebiotic you use. In fact I believe that the only way to ensure replacement of a decimated microbiome system is via a faecal implant from a very healthy donor.

4. If it’s established that gut pathogens ARE the cause of your symptoms, then MAYBE, and only with the guidance of a practitioner who is fully experienced in the gut bacteria recovery protocol, MMS might be the answer. But before following that route, I’d consider less brutal approaches like colloidal silver, oregano oil or 3% food state hydrogen peroxide, the recovery from collateral damage from these options being, in my opinion, much easier.

5. Finally, I do believe that MMS can be incredibly useful in the right circumstances, but I wouldn’t take its use lightly.

Having made the above points, I would like to thank Julien1 for taking the time and trouble to post what she/he did regarding MMS, which I’m sure was designed to help. Indeed in some cases but by no means in all, it may well do.

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