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Author Topic: Speaking and alcohol (unrelated!)  (Read 506 times)
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« on: December 22, 2017, 10:37:29 AM »

Have a couple of symptoms I wanted to run by you all..
I say you all but.. yeah..  tongue

1. when i talk to people, it doesnt take long before I am rapid talking and not breathing properly. This results in me eventually feeling weird and my chest being tight. I have put this down to my heart not getting enough oxygen.. My question is, is this a normal habit or is there something else going on here? I feel like possibly with every exersion my body is spitting out mass amounts of adrenaline to cope with the lack of energy it has to do these things, and that includes talking, especially if I know I have a lot to say. Obviously I need to work on this and the way I talk. But its difficult being conscious of every single thing i do every minute I am awake.

2. In a previous post people mentioned the alcohol drinking problems. Now, heres a thing. The last time I drank, and had CFS/ME at this moment, the alcohol had the same impact as it did to me 10yrs ago (before CFS/ME symptoms). However I had depression back then which can possibly also cause issues with your digestive system etc Eg. IBS. Maybe all this is IBS related? Causing stress on our bodies. Its probably the toxins we cant get rid of. By the way my bodies reaction was an elevated heartrate and weakness and feeling damn right awful. I used to drink vodka and coke a lot..

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