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Author Topic: Babies are hard work + Christmas  (Read 442 times)
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« on: December 21, 2017, 10:47:36 AM »

My son is jsut undder 6 months old. I have been pretty much housebound since he was born because of how much it takes out of me. Although I went on the Eurostar to France at the end of August, which seems impossible now, but hey, that can happen again.
I am managing my emotions/mental health a lot better now. During September and October I was bedbound and we had a nanny (that we could just about afford) to look after him. I was so bad there was at least 6 days in there where I had to be fed by my husband and still struggled to eat.
I may not be hopping on the eurostar at this minute but I can feed myself.
But we have had no nanny for over a week due to Christmas hols (she has a daughter to care for). It is hard to pace with a baby and even when I am doing really well, I generally start feeling the stress on my body by 5pm (husband get home about 6:30 but then has to do everything around the house so its not exactly instant relief).
The fact that some days I feel a miniscule bit better than the day before (and then back down again) shows me my handling is doing ok.. The change is tiny (like one day I may be able to walk to the kitchen and back and not get tired (about 7 meters), then the next day i am exhausted with any movement). But the fact it is going up and down means I am not stuck in a certain permanent state and do have control.

I will be going to my parents over Christmas. this is both horrific and a good thing. If I am able to take enough breaks from my family by disappearing to bed, Not only will I get rest but my husband will too as my parents are very good at caring for him. But staying calm and relax is an effort I have to put in every waking moment. I am still not very good at staying calm when people talk to me - my mind races and so does my talking, and often have to stop randomly mid-sentence because i can feel the impact on my chest (I get the impression my heart is screaming at me due to lack of oxygen..).

Wish me luck?
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« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2017, 12:57:14 PM »

Good luck, KV   thumbsup

It's really difficult to get the rest you need with a small baby, but get whatever help you can and just do your best. If you're totally knackered after Xmas, accept that but also accept that recovery WILL happen.

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