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Author Topic: My story so far.  (Read 262 times)
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« on: January 30, 2019, 02:24:34 PM »

So I'm here looking for advice from people really. 36 year old male, work full time and have a wife and 2 kids. Been feeling unwell for over 4 years now without any answers from the medical profession which has left me feeling lost and upset.

So it all started around September 2014. Finishing a night shift at work I was in a colleagues car when I zoned out and thought I couldn't move my left arm for a split second. That kicked off a series of what I came to understand where panic attacks. I'd never experienced them before so naturally thought something serious was happening to me and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. They never really said it was panic attacks at the time, just checked my heart out and said I was fine then sent me on my way. Took me months to get the panic attacks under control but thankfully I can cope with them now when they happen. I'd had one experience of a panic attack previously when I had a particularly bad cold. I'd fallen asleep and all of a sudden woke up thinking I couldn't breath.

Strange thing is, from that day forward I've had this sense of not really feeling with it in my head. Like being drunk/drugged all the time. Some days it is much worse than others but the feeling is emphasised by being outside, like my senses are being overloaded. I can't stand dull lighting, I have to have the lights on in the house and I've bought myself a mood lamp. Fatigue has gotten so much worse over the years too. I honestly feel like I've not had any sleep when I wake in the morning. I have constant tingling all down the right hand side of my body, my hand feels swollen most mornings and I just generally feel terrible. I've been back and forward to the doctors about this for years and had many ct scans, mri scans, ecg's, eeg's and blood tests but absolutely nothing has come back from it.

I'm now under a rheumatologist who has suggested I come off the sertraline (I was prescribed these when the panic attacks started for the anxiety) and go on amitriptyline as he feels I'm not getting restorative sleep at nights.

I'm sat here typing this out like I've drank about 10 cans of beer and I want to go to sleep. Does anyone get a frustrated feeling in their body when they're that tired?

I was so happy before all this happened. Kept myself fit, played football, loved running enjoyed going out with friends. I still try to exercise but I just don't have the energy to do anywhere near as much as I used to. It's so annoying. Also the effect this is having on my family is ridiculous. My wife is upset at the whole situation, my kids don't get half the attention off me they should do. I just don't know where to go from here.

Sorry for ranting on a bit but it does help to talk! I've probably missed loads out too but hoping for some advice as like I say nobody has given me a firm diagnosis of anything yet. There has to be an explanation for this nightmare situation.

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« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2019, 06:50:00 PM »

Hi MedicalMystery, and welcome.

From what you've said, I see two strong possibilities - 1) CFS/ME and 2) a severe anxiety disorder. So what to do?

Have you ever mentioned CFS/ME to your GP? If so, what did he/she say? If not, I'd suggest that you do, possibly leading to a CFS Clinic consultation.

Have a look at this - https://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety-symptoms.shtml - and see if all or at least most of your symptoms are on the list. If they are then perhaps seek advice from a naturopath or a functional medical doctor - although pharmaceuticals might give short term relief, they're NOT the long term answer.

These are just starting points, I'm afraid, but to progress towards wellness you need to know what you're up against.

Good luck and best wishes


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