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Author Topic: Bodykind!  (Read 10864 times)
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I'm a CFS sufferer...

« on: December 09, 2010, 09:05:40 PM »

Hi all,

Sorry, guys, Iím afraid Iím about to ask for your help.

As Iím sure youíll appreciate, to maintain a website and forum like ours requires a good deal of man power and a fair bit of money. On the man power front, I consider myself fortunate in that I managed to talk the staff into working for nothing more than the occasional cup of cyber tea. But as monetary costs escalate as the forum grows, the financial side of things is getting more and more difficult to manage.

Donít worry, Iím not going to ask you for money, but despite the generous donations that members who are able to have made, and for which Iíll be eternally grateful, the siteís pot is getting increasingly small, so I needed a solution.

Having considered several options that wouldnít involve financial pressure on members, it struck me that many of you use supplements, and that if I could find a top quality supplier who members would benefit by using, then affiliate with that supplier, it might be possible for members to help me boost the pot without cost to them.

So, after much negotiation, thatís what Iíve managed to do Ė Iíve affiliated the site to Bodykind. If members buy from Bodykind using the link at the bottom of the forum main page, the site/forum will receive a small commission.

So why have I decided to affiliate with Bodykind rather than other supplement suppliers?

Well first, Iíve heard nothing but good from members about the service Bodykind offers. Iíve not had such consistent positive feedback in respect of any other supplier.

My own experience apart, though, here are a few good reasons to use Bodykind Ė

* They stock a huge range of the very best supplements of all kinds, refusing to stock the poor quality, ineffective brands that are so commonly available.

* They offer a price match promise on ALL of these supplements Ė see the Ďprice matchí tag on each individual order page.

* Orders received by 4pm are almost always despatched the same day, and the majority of orders arrive the next day.

* No charge whatsoever is made for post and packing.

* They have a reward points system Ė each time you buy, you earn points that, when they reach a certain level, are converted to cash to set against future orders.

* They have their own fully qualified nutritionists available to respond to email queries and requests for advice.

* They strive to offer unrivaled levels of service and support, and from what Iíve heard, they invariably achieve that aim.

So, Iíd be extremely grateful if members would consider buying whatever supplements they require from Bodykind via the above mentioned link or here BODYKIND Better still, if members know of friends or family supplement users who would be willing to do the same, thatíd be fantastic.

My main aim in life is to maintain the site/forum indefinitely, going from strength to strength so that we can help, support and offer advice to, as many ME/CFS sufferers as possible. If I can do that, Iíll be a very happy bunny, and this affiliation, if strongly supported by members, friends and family, could go a long way to achieving that and, hopefully, greatly benefit old and new members alike.

Many thanks to you all for listening.


angeleyes40 xx

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